Façade works in Helsinki

We carry out renovation and painting works on properties’ façades using our years of experience, so that the special features and original design of the site, as well as  the client’s expectations and demands, are respected.

Roofs, windows and doors are brought into condition at the same time

At the same time as the façade renovation it is possible to do several other structural repairs, such as to windows, the roof or subsurface drains and yard structures as well as possible repair words to improve the energy economy of the property. We carry out structural repairs to façades in line with the quote and designs so that we achieve a result of the planned quality and technical level that is financially sustainable.

Façade renovation in blocks of flats and other properties

Façade renovation is carried out on each site as necessary, and at regular intervals. For example, in blocks of flats façade renovations generally take place when the building is about 30-40 years old. In wood-clad detached houses, large-scale façade renovations can be delayed through regular cleaning and maintenance painting. Because the paint protects the surface, this usually protects the surface from significant renovations for a good while.

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We carry out façade renovations in southern Finland with professional skill. Ask for a quote for your site; we’ll be happy to tell you more.

We carry out the following repair works on façades, among others:

  • Three-coat plasterwork
  • Insulation plasterwork
  • Thin-coat plasterwork
  • Decorative plasterwork and gypsum works
  • Concrete renovations and skimming works
  • Balcony renovations
  • Painting and coating works
  • Façade sheet structures
  • Façade wooden structures

In addition, we carry out other building technology works in line with sites’ special features. Our typical façade renovation sites includes Lähderanta 2, 4, 6 and 8. The contract included replacing the blocks’ façades as well as the balconies and plinths, with the accompanying cladding works.

Your contact company in façade works

Rauno Kinnunen
 +358 45 103 1566