Painting works in Helsinki

Nurminen Works Oy provides all the surface work contracting and renovation services you need in southern and central Finland

Our company has specialised in all areas of construction painting and renovation works. This means that you get all the surface contracting and renovation works services you need under one roof, delivered on the turnkey principle. Our mastery of several specialised areas is to our clients’ benefit  -   it helps them save time and money. Projects go more smoothly when you don’t need to change contractor in the middle of the job. We are located in Helsinki but we carry out painting works and offer other services flexible to a wide area of southern Finland.

Our services include:

How do you order a professional for your project?

See our contact details or submit a request for a quote  for your site. We will survey your site and tell you how we can carry out your project durably and cost-efficiently. Nurminen Works Oy carries out painting contracting, renovation works, façade works, restorations and specialised painting works as needed by the customer.

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